oikos MMC Blog Competition: My meaningful career that creates impact

A leopard being burnt alive: help us. As shocking and gruesome it is, this is just one of many incidents which have come to define our actions. Such inhumane incidents are a major blot on our existence, indicating we as humans have grown so heartless, so mercilessly cold and brutal.  It is time to rekindle humanity, which makes us human.

Of late there has been much focus on emission norms, global warming, carbon footprint to conserve the earth to sustain it for future. For the same cause, several organizations have come up and so have new CSR activities, new jobs. My opinion is that ultimate satisfaction of life, family or job is happiness. This, I will achieve by opening a non-profit organization with motive of making humans and animals live in harmony.

Initially, I will focus on mans’ best friend – dog. These faithful and extremely loving animals are synonymous with our societies. Most of us have many stray dogs in our locality and few kind-hearted souls looking after them. TO begin with, I will rely on them to pioneer a friendship program, wherein they invite their friends to make friends with dogs, feed them, prevent cruelty, and make their community animal friendly, which is running in my society very successfully.

In a span of few months, this idea will become a way of life. It will then be time to graduate from just feeding of dogs to look after them. And then progress to help other domestic animals, then the entire animal kingdom, the ecosystem, and the earth. To expand on a larger scale, requires extensive support of various organizations. Shelters will be obtained by borrowing spaces in playgrounds, wastelands from government/ civic authorities and builders will be persuaded to build sheds.  Innumerable hotels and restaurants can cater to the food (safe and clean) to feed animals. Vehicles of civic authorities can be used for distribution and transportation. For capital corporations and organizations like Greenpeace, PETA, etc will be requested for support. Donations will play a very important role. So, by publicizing the efforts and results, more and more people will be attracted towards the movement.

The biggest problem is to dedicate self and persuade others since obtaining capital and receiving a steady income will be a huge challenge. This is where, oikos, a leading reference point for the promotion of sustainability will help to inspire others, create awareness and generate formal support on global scale. More Than Money Careers, with their tailored modules can help to get clarity on the development of the idea and help maximize impact. Both, Oikos and MTM Careers can help to connect with experienced professionals, strategize better, generate capital and hence turn this idea into reality, thereby spreading happiness.

A lot has been described and a lot needs to be done to fulfill this dream. Over next few months, I intend to touch base with the connections I can garner as per the strategy described. Also, Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre, which is already leading the path of preventing cruelty to animals, has shown willingness to support the cause.

Once we are friends with animals, there will be no cruelty. Instead, we will become emotionally dependent and attached. So, let “human” be not just a word, make it stand for benevolence and humanity. Set up not hospitals, but homes and make earth a happy and caring place to live in for all living beings. Join in and help me make a career in spreading harmony and happiness.

This post is by Zorawar Singh Bawa, who is a student at the Delhi School of Economics and is an active member of oikos New Delhi.

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