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The idea that I have in mind is relatively straight forward- sustainability consultant business.

The concept is not significantly different from the services that are already being provided by many of the large consultancy businesses- helping other businesses to build up more sustainable models, in both environment and economic terms. Of course, it doesn’t end there. The real challenge is how to extend the service beyond large corporations and create a bigger impact among the wider public environment that affects most people’s everyday life? Well, the idea is to create an open access knowledge database where everyone can share their own sustainable development knowledge and experience. While profit can be achieved by providing more complicated and individually tailored services to larger size business clients, public and smaller size businesses would have access to the open resources expense free.

Take a step further, this platform would allow students with interest or knowledge in developing careers in the area of sustainability to create their own profiles and upload any project work that they have completed. By doing so, the network would help our business clients to identify talents for their recruitment needs.

The message this idea aims to present is that while the progress of sustainable development affects all of us, no one should be barred from using available knowledge to make sustainable development contributions.

The development of this idea would require a team of IT engineers and consultants with relevant knowledge and experience. Similar to other business ideas, start-up finance would probably be the largest obstacles in early stages. The nature of the idea itself also demands good relationships with different academic institutions- especially those which are already providing academic programmes in relevant fields. Should this businesses idea be developed, More Than Money Careers and oikos are organisations that would be good starting points for the building of partnership networks.

Three years from today, I can foresee myself using my spare time building up a personal network and meeting people who have the skills to make contributions towards the establishment of this platform. It probably would take considerable amount of time to achieve its optimal scale and I would need to gain more professional knowledge to provide the relevant professional consultancy services.

Until then, you probably would see me energetically going around attracting attention, sharing my knowledge and persuading people to make contributions towards sustainable development on the little things- another way to make a difference, I believe.

This post has been written by Juntao Zeng from oikos Newcastle. Juntao is currently pursuing his masters studies in Banking and Finance at the University of Newcastle.

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