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oikos teams up with More than Money Careers to bring to you the oikos MMC Blog Competition.

For an amazing opportunity to win an access to a wealth of wonderful sustainability-careers related resources, write an essay in the form of a blog post on: “My meaningful career that creates impact”

Your blog post should touch upon the following points:

What career do you want to pursue upon graduation?

Out of the many types of jobs that would enable you to leave a positive social and environmental impact, which would you like to choose? Would you be a CSR manager at a firm like GE? Do you feel that being a channel manager in a sustainable business like Timberland is something that you find interesting? Is it non-profit jobs like an Environmental Manager at the Environmental Defense Fund that attract you? Or would you rather take up a government job as a project manager with an organization like the EU Environmental Protection Agency? You may even come up with something totally new by starting your own social business.

What are the measures of impact you hope to operationalize through this job?

By doing the job that you wish to engage in, what are the deliverables that you hope to yield? Do you see yourself supporting a certain group of disadvantaged people such as children affected with polio? Or would you like to help reduce the carbon emission rate in a particular geographical area by a certain percentage over a certain period of time?

How are you going about identifying and competing for these jobs?

Have you thought of how you would land up at your dream job? Have you gotten in touch with professionals engaged in your field of interest? Are you attending events such as networking sessions, seminars etc. to expand your network in the industry? Have you thought of or have you already done an internship in the field of your interest?

What are the obstacles you are encountering as you pursue your careers goals?

Is there a lack of information on your field of interest? Do you feel that there is a lack of opportunities? Or do you think that the job you want to do will not pay you enough?

What could oikos and More Than Money Careers do to help you reach your goals faster?

Do you feel that oikos can enable you develop the networks that could help you land a job? And do you think that More Than Money Careers help you explore new avenues that you were previously unaware of? Please outline whatever you think the roles of oikos and More Than Money Careers could be in helping you with your professional endeavors?

What do you plan on doing in the next three months to get to your goals faster?

Have you chartered out a strategy as to what you would be doing this semester for expediting your growth in the field that you wish to pursue a career in? Do you plan to secure an internship? Do you plan to interface with academicians and/or practitioners in your field of interest? You may be about to graduate and looking for a full-time job or you may even be a fresher at university who is trying to figure out what his or her interests are.

Please note that the descriptions of the questions are just to give you a guideline on what you may write upon. You may feel free to add or skip any points as per their relevance to your essay.

Following are the rules of participation:

-Your entry should be written in the form of a blog post.

-The entry should not exceed 600 words.

-All entries must be submitted in English only.

-All entries must be submitted in a .doc or .docx document only.

-This competition is open to current members of oikos chapters only. As part of your application, kindly mention the oikos chapter that you are associated with.

-The winner of the blog competition would receive would receive an hour of free coaching with Dr. Mrim Boutla, co-founder of More than Money Careers ( Also, the winning participant’s chapter would get a year’s worth of free access to the amazing spectrum of sustainability careers based resources that More than Money Careers offers.


-All oikos chapters are highly encouraged to send in multiple entries. However, only one entry may be sent per individual.

-You may include one picture with each entry. However, this is optional.

-You may include hyperlinks in your blog post.

-The quality of comments and discussions on each blog post would be continuous moderated and may be taken into consideration for deciding the winner.

-All entries are to be sent to

-Entries would be accepted from the 1st February 2013 (00:00 CET) to 28th February 2013 (23:59 CET).

-A jury comprising of representatives from oikos and More Than Money Careers would be deciding the winner of the competition.

-The winner of the competition will be announced during the oikos Spring Meet in Maastricht, which is to be held from 14th March 2013 to 17th March 2013.

-All entries will be published on the oikos International blog.

-By submitting your essay, you give oikos and More than Money Careers LLC the right to use your entry for promotional purposes.

For any queries, please write to Arush Chandna at

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