oikos MMC Blog Competition: My meaningful career that creates impact, Marketa Jelinkova

My dream career is connected to sustainability. To be able to make possibly the most significant positive social/ environmental impact, I would need to influence as many people as possible and even more importantly mainly those who now cause the most serious harm to society.

For me, the best career would be to become a sustainability consultant. In this role, I could consult various impactful companies, not just influence one (as if CSR manager) and not having to use negative PR to force them to start behaving responsibly (as if NGO activist). I would create business plan to persuade them that behaving responsibly can be actually beneficial for themselves too. I would make them see that without loyal, satisfied customers their business just cannot be sustainable in the long-run.

How would I measure that I am successful in my role? I would know what I am recommending to each of the entities and I would have undertaken an analysis to have the specific data on the possible positive impact made/ decrease in their negative impact, using measurement methods such as GRI and LBG. Then I would get feedback regarding actually how many companies have really utilised my advices or to which extend. As follows, I would create a summary of the overal positive impact made through applying my advices.

I have identified so far that in the Czech Republic, there are no influencial consultacy companies which would offer sustainability consulting. Their mother companies have usually already started to provide it in a smaller or a bit bigger extend but general excuse I have heard when asking subsidiaries in the Czech Republic is that „local market is not ready yet“. However, I got to know that the main issue lies in something else: They do not understand what it can actually bring them and sadly also what sustainability or even CSR mean (perceived often as just philanthropy).

While I was interning at the United Nations in New York in summer 2012, I have used this unique opportunity to meet employees from Global Compact and the Division for Sustainable Development. They provide manuals for diverse subjects to help them improve their sustainable behaviour. Nevertheless, what the companies need and is not realistically within the capacity of the UN is advising companies on the individual basis, grounded by thorough analysis of what would make the biggest positive impact and would be at the same time the most beneficial for the company itself. I have already attended lots of seminars and conferences on CSR and sustainability, I have elaborated on my Master’s Thesis concerning Measuring Impacts of CSR,  which I have then presented briefly at a CSR conference and I cooperate with CSR Consult which is very small consultancy company that is not now unfortunately in the state to grow.

Oikos and More Than Money Careers could potentially provide me with advice how to pursuade big and famous consultancy companies in the Czech Republic to try this topic and companies to be open to this kind of consultancy and so focus on long-term rather than just short-term. Moreover, if I gained contacts for sustainability consultants who are already now successful, that could definitely help me to pursue this career via sharing their best practices with me.

What I could do within the next three months is to improve my website regarding sustainability to make it more attractive and useful. Also, I could contact consultancy companies again to find out if any progress in their sustainability thinking was made and if not, try to positively pursuade them.

This post is by Marketa Jelinkova. Marketa is a member of oikos Prague and is currently working full time having graduate last year with a CEMS degree.

oikos MMC Blog Competition: My meaningful career that creates impact

am sure I want a career that makes me happy because I am terrible at things I don´t enjoy (I hate cooking so I can only prepare tea) and that makes me feel miserable and unsatisfied with my existence. Next, I´d love to earn enough money (meaning a lot) because I hate thinking about money. And most of all, I wish to be a part of business that creates positive impact in the environment. I love challenges, changes, creative solutions and new inventions. I would like to work in a company that offers eco-friendly products such as bottles or cups (KeepCup J) or ethical fashion (That would be my Wonderland to work with dresses all the time!) or organic cruelty free cosmetics (LUSH Cosmetics).

By doing my dream job, probably in marketing, I would like to help to spread the message about products that make a difference. I would enjoy inspiring people to buy the product that is reusable, endures or contributes to reducing the waste. So, I would help to tidy up the planet! (My boyfriend would suggest starting with my own closet, but I´ve always thought big.) Reducing the waste doesn´t sound very cool, I guess, but it brings a lot of happiness and beauty in the end (No plastic bags in the seas and oceans, happy healthy turtles, much happier me). So, my dream job should contribute to the reduction of world waste.

I attended some seminars with networking session about social media and communication, which is good way how to meet new people. I also wanted to try to work on totally new project. With my friends we started the website that supports community life in the cities by informing people about news and events organized by their neighbors. Working on this project opens the doors to new contacts from business.

I often find myself wondering, what I should do more to step out of the crowd and what more I should do to meet all requirements and expectations of my future boss. I would welcome more information about what I should know and what I should be good at. Then, I would feel much more relaxed if I knew about more possibilities. I guess that good information is a part of success.

I believe that being the member of oikos is precious experience. It allows meeting interesting people and cooperating with them. I think oikos could help members to find the internships by informing members about possibilities, creating relations with business, organizing networking events and providing members consulting about their careers showing them different options. More than Money Careers could help members by informing about various job possibilities in the field of sustainability, businesses that have tradition but also about those that are new in the market, providing the information about job requirements and advising how to meet them.

I am about to graduate, so in upcoming months I need to finish my final thesis and pass all my exams and state exams including international marketing. I also have duties as oikos president and member of team in the mentioned project. I feel that I need to know more to get the job I dream about (I also feel too young and unprepared for real job and working hours and the daily routine that will probably come.) so I wish to continue in my studies at university abroad. I will continue with building the network of contacts and searching for companies I would like to do an internship in next year.

The following post is by Helena Pospíšilová. Helena is the President of oikos Prague and studies at Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze in the Czech Republic.